“The thing I hate about an argument is that it always interrupts a discussion.” Writer, G.K. Chesterton

“Coming together is a BEGINNING, staying together is PROGRESS, and WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS.” Henry Ford


You don’t have to struggle with problems in your relationship or marriage alone. Whether you are in crisis, have parenting difficulties, or communication problems, the sooner you address these issues and learn new skills on how to resolve them, the faster you and your partner can get back on track in your relationship. Susie utilizes techniques from the Gottman Method in her work with couples. This work is based on the latest research in marital therapy developed by Dr. John Gottman. I will help you and your partner learn new ways to communicate instead of having the same old argument over and over. We will work on deepening your friendship in the relationship, increase intimacy and reduce conflict when it arises.


You will receive a thorough assessment, treatment plan and strategies that work.


When we begin our work together, we will meet for a conjoint session where I will gather information about your history and your situation as you understand it.

This step involves a 1-hour session with each of you individually (these sessions can be back-to-back appointments or at different times). The purpose of the individual sessions is to learn more about each partner’s perspective, family background and any other relevant information.

This session is devoted to reviewing your assessment findings and discussing and planning your treatment goals together. I will give my input on a treatment plan while working with both of you to make sure we accomplish your treatment goals.